Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise the Scientology Dumb-Shit

OK, I really did not want my blog to take a turn into the celebrity world, especially on my first actual post, but I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, his psychotic Scientologist ways, or his anti-psychology bullshit, so I need to comment on the viral video that is now circulating the web. A few exerpts from his rant and rave...courtesy of Us Weekly...

"We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, we are the authorities on improving conditions... we can rehabilitate criminals."...then why haven't you done it? Why is it that Scientologists seem to think they're the only ones who can help these people? Psychologists and therapists and sponsors and mentors help these people, and I would like to know, exactly how many of these people are Scientologists?

"Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident... you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help."...again, the paramedics do nothing? The police? Other passers-by who may have CPR and First Aid training can't help?

"So it’s our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. We have that responsibility to say, 'Hey, this is the way it should be done because we do it this way and people are actually getting better."....and the other methods aren't working?

"...We can bring peace and unite cultures..."...we're still waiting for that pesky Middle East Crisis to be averted but sorry, Tom is busy lapping up the attention for Katie's Mad Money....guess the Gaza Strip will just have to wait.

My main issue with all of these statements is Tom's air of superiority. "Scientology is the one true religion! Tom is the way, the truth, and the light, and no ones comes to the spaceship except through him." Why is it, if Scientology is so successful and proven to be such, are problems still on-going in the world? Why are there criminals? Why are children dying of hunger every day? Why is AIDS still a problem?

Nevermind the fact that these problems which Tom claims they can cure still exist, but why is this the only possible solution? How does Tom justify disregarding thousands of years of established organized religion and global assistance groups such as UNICEF and the Red Cross? Hundreds of thousands of people are out in the world actively making a difference, the majority of whom I am sure are NOT Scientologists, while Tom is at the latest Mad Money premiere sucking up his wife's attention. Never have I seen Tom in Louisianna with Brad Pitt rebuilding homes, never have I seen him wearing the UN armband out in the middle of Africa with people like Angelina Jolie and Orlando Bloom, or helping with AIDS epidemics in Africa like Bono and Charlize Theron. Certainly haven't seen him out there walking with Renee Zellweger and Julianne Moore for Breast Cancer. I have no doubt Tom is charitable in his own special way, but it's not hard to sign a check, the big difference is going out and getting your pretty little manicured hands dirty.

It is one thing to rejoice in your own beliefs and to promote them, it is an entirely different thing to attack the beliefs of others, insinuating that they are inferior, ineffective, and useless. For thousands of years, belief in God, Allah, Buddha, various Bhagavans, Jehovah, etc, has brought strong senses of spirituality, responsibility to mankind and the earth, kindness, love, and a genuine need to help others. Now, all of a sudden, they aren't enough. Granted they have not resolved all problems in the world and some problems have resulted because of such Holy Wars. But, at the core of the problems, the very reason nothing has been resolved, are these ideations that "I have the answer" and "only I can solve these issues", and no one is willing to compromise amidst their differences to find a common ground and come together to help one another. So, adversely, Tom's claim that only Scientology can fix the world is the one thing perpetuating most of the world's problems and ensuring they continue. And, despite how helpful Scientology claims to be and how dedicated they are to helping others, Scientology is the only religion that charges their followers to do so. While some religions appreciate donations, Scientology requires a fee to learn their teachings because they are so concerned with making you a better person....cult, anyone?

Tom this isn't War of the Worlds and no, Steven Spielberg cannot write you out a happy ending, no one man can save the world, but let's face it, you aren't even trying.

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Post

Hey, my name is Jae and I'm new to the blogging world. Basically what this is is my device to sound off on all the shit going on in the world, whether it be political, religious, racial, or even with the scaggy celebrities. I know so many people have blogs and so many people have important things to say, so my words are really just another drop in the ocean, hence the title of my blog, but maybe someone will read this, and if not, at least I've gotten it off my chest.